When faced with divorce, a person will inevitably face one of the most difficult hurdles in their lives. It is the goal of our office to help each client overcome these hurdles as easily as possible so that they are able to realize that the impending changes may be frightening, but are manageable. Thus, once the issues surrounding the children and support have been addressed, perhaps the most complex issue of Property Division must be tackled. This involves ascertaining which property belongs to the community and which is separate belonging to one of the parties. The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson strives to give each client a peace of mind during this tumultuous process by assisting clients in addressing their emotional and financial concerns by answering their questions, addressing their concerns, and reassuring them at each step along the way. This process enables our clients to ultimately embrace the changes and make informed decisions about the choices that they will face so that they are not left feeling vulnerable and/or as if they are facing the unknown. We understand that change can be frightening, especially when facing the unknown with the additional emotional and financial strain that comes with divorce. It is our goal to reassure our clients along the way and help them get through this very difficult time with as much support as possible. The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson is highly-skilled in negotiating complex issues and is often able to reach amicable and expeditious resolutions of all and/or most issues in a divorce. When necessary our office will also enlist the assistance of other professionals to address the contested property issues or issues of hidden assets in order to provide additional information for your case, and also to put your case in a better position for resolution. While an amicable and fair resolution is always encouraged, it may not always be possible. In the event the parties are not able to reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce agreement, the Court will then have a Trial on the remaining issues. The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson will readily stand by your side during Trial to protect your rights and present the Court with the necessary and pertinent evidence for the Judge to make a solid decision with respect to the facts of your case.

a divorce decree document and the keys of a car and a house