In a situation where the parties are not married, but have had a child it is pertinent that the Court establish paternity by entering a Judgment to Determine a Parental Relationship.  This can be done by both parties voluntarily agreeing that they are the parents and waiving their right to DNA testing to determine if they are indeed the parent.  In a situation where both parties do not agree; there is a reason for doubt; or the parents just want confirmation itself, a DNA test can be performed.  This test is non-invasive and provides all parties a solid conclusive answer that they are indeed the parent.

Paternity situations are generally very emotional, however, the same issues that arise in a Custody/Visitation case embedded in a divorce case are applicable.  Child Custody/Visitation must be established to secure the parental rights of each parent and, more importantly, to secure that the child has both parents involved in his/her life.  Further, child support for the child must be established to ensure that the needs of the child are met.

The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson is the ideal choice to assist you in securing that the needs of your children during this sensitive time are met and protected.

Genetic Fingerprinting

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