Families are an intricate part of one’s life and when threatened, a person undoubtedly becomes incredibly defensive. This is precisely what happens when one is faced with a Divorce or Custody/Visitation Action. The thought of change in any manner can be quite frightening, especially if you don’t have the proper information to make an informed decision. The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson understands the importance of family and will vehemently protect your rights in all areas of your family law action. Kerri Lynn Anderson will answer your questions, address your concerns, and work with you to determine the best choices for your particular situation. Let us worry about the intricacies of your case so you can focus on caring for your children and yourself while you heal in this very trying time.
The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson fully understands the impact that divorce has on all parties involved in a divorce. We will listen and understand each client’s needs and concerns, and work with them to arrive at a plan of attack that best suits their needs. Our office has experience in a large range of Family Law cases from the simple straight-forward cases with agreements between the parties to the complex litigated cases with high net values; difficult custody/visitation issues; international law; and the issues of hidden assets.
We do not treat our clients as just mere cases. We take the time to get to know you so we can not only deliver a more personal approach in our representation, but also so we have a deeper understanding of your situation in order to arrive at a resolution that will satisfy your needs and concerns. We have found that our personal method allows us to advocate for our client in order to arrive at their best possible solution. In the event that we are unable to reach a resolution of your matter our unique personal approach gives us a better foundation of your case information and preparation for a Trial of the matter.

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