Domestic violence is not isolated to certain classes, it can happen to anyone.  Domestic Violence is against the law and affects the men and women involved as well as the young children witnessing such Domestic Violence.
If you are the victim of Domestic Violence, you must gain the strength to take action to seek protection by filing for a Temporary Restraining Order to gain protection not only of yourself, but of your children.  If you feel you or your children are in danger, DO NOT WAIT.  Contact law enforcement and file for protection immediately.  Judges have broad discretion in granting a Temporary Restraining Order including granting a stay-away order that requires a person to stay away from a home, school, or place of business; to stay 100 yards or more from a person; a no contact order; orders limiting your ability to use drugs/alcohol; prevent you from owning or keeping guns; orders that limit your contact and/or timeshare with your children; and to instill a CLETS order which will be submitted nationwide.
If you are accused of Domestic Violence, you MUST protect your rights which will be seriously compromised if a restraining order is granted against you.  On this basis, you should seek legal advice immediately upon learning that a restraining order has been filed against you.  Delays may affect your parental relationship, financial relationship and/or employment.
The Law Office of Kerri Lynn Anderson has experience in representing both Domestic Violence victims and clients accused of Domestic Violence.  Both circumstances require an experienced and aggressive litigator prepared to protect you and your interests.   Let our office provide your representation in this regard.

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